C4D阿诺德Arnold渲染器 SolidAngle C4DtoA 2.2.4 R17/R18/R19 Win/Mac AMPED+替破解版

C4DtoA 2.1版本开始不再支持C4D R16,增加支持C4D R19,如果安装后C4D 打不开,请先卸载插件,然后把C4D更新到最新版本,最后重新安装插件即可


  • Split large still images over frames


  • Set light as the viewport camera in the Light Manager
  • Customize columns in the Light Manager
  • Customize visibility of IPR toolbar items
  • Add reload textures button to the IPR toolbar
  • Center render region in the IPR
  • Add link to the Arnold Answers site to the Help menu
  • Support for the C4D render region in the IPR
  • Support for the Noise shader in the C4D material alpha channel
  • Support for Invert and Image Alpha in the C4D Material alpha channel shaders
  • Set ASS export ‘Export Object Hierarchy’ flag via python plugin


  • IPR crash with Lathe object instances
  • IPR does not update properly when a light is used as the camera
  • Docked Light Manager cannot be saved in a layout
  • XP particle color does not match the IPR and PV
  • Cached XParticles are not exported to ASS file
  • Can not use a relative path in Arnold drivers with Render Queue
  • Can not begin paths with an environment variable
  • Display proper error message for TurbulenceFD Learning Edition