AE教程-MG卡通人物角色动画制作Skillshare Rock Out with Character 免费下载

在这个教程中,我会告诉你一步一步如何设计自己的个性化角色的动画在After Effects,如何操纵它,,然后将其导出为GIF循环。每一步过程很详细,这样你就可以跟着一起学,即使你从来没有用过After Effects。

In this class I’ll show you step-by-step how to design your own personalized character for animating in After Effects, how to rig it, animate it, and export it as a looping GIF. I’ll cover every step of my process in detail, so you can follow along even if you’ve never used After Effects before. I’ve even included all of my source design and animation project files for my four character loops at the bottom of this page. That way if you’re curious how I animated my characters, or want to skip the design process and just jump into animation, you can just use my files.
版 本:After Effects
大 小:752 MB
语 言:英文对白
字 幕:无字幕
其 他:含工程素材文件